What will the Municipal Advisory Councils do for the General Plan Update?

The Municipal Advisory Councils, also called “MAC’s”, and Piru Neighborhood Council were an important partners in hosting community workshops and presentations throughout the General Plan Update Project. Additionally, the 6 Ventura County MAC’s and the Piru Neighbhood acted as gathering points for community members to provide input to County staff and decision-makers as well as ensuring that residents were informed about the General Plan Update Project.

When did the General Plan Update interact with the Municipal Advisory Councils?

The General Plan Update will invite MAC’s to participate in the General Plan Update at key points in the project. These points of engagement included co-hosting and coordination for community workshops, and offering community presentations regarding the Public Review Draft General Plan. Points of engagement between the General Plan Update and Municipal Advisory Councils occured at the points listed below:

  • Community Workshops | Identify Assets, Issues, and Opportunities
  • Community Presentations | Affirm Vision and Guiding Principles
  • Community Open Houses | Evaluate Alternatives
  • Community Presentations | Review the Preliminary Public Review Draft General Plan
  • Community Open Houses| Review the Preliminary Public Review Draft General Plan

What is a Municipal Advisory Council and is there one near me?

There are currently 6 Municipal Advisory Councils in unincorporated Ventura County. Learn more about the County’s existing Municipal Advisory Councils here.

What Municipal Advisory Councils exist in Ventura County?

There are six Municipal Advisory Councils in Ventura County which include:

  • Casa Conejo
  • El Rio/Del Norte
  • Oak Park
  • Ojai Valley
  • Santa Rosa Valley
  • Somis